'Organic Ecosystem': kicks-off a new project for organics in the Mediterranean (IT)


The ENI-CBC Med program is the most important cross-border cooperation initiative (CBC) developed by the EU in the framework of the European Neighbourhood Instrument on cross-border cooperation (ENI). In this context, the three-year 'Organic Ecosystem' project starts on 3 June, and its aim is to boost an ‘organic ecosystem’ in the Mediterranean through stakeholders’ strategic alliances.

Project partners are Jordan (leader) together with Lebanon, Greece, Spain, Tunisia, Puglia Region and CIHEAM Bari. Other partners were involved as associates, including, in Egypt, the SEKEM Foundation.

Agriculture puts a lot of pressure on the environment. Soil fertility, biodiversity and human life are all negatively impacted by intensive farming. Organic agriculture is an excellent solution to achieve food safety and security as well as environmental sustainability, even if it is still relatively undeveloped in Mediterranean countries, with very heterogeneous situations from country to country. The main shared challenges are inconsistent or lacking in support policies from national and local governments, the capacity for innovation remains weak, knowledge of sustainable agricultural practices is limited and the value chain weak, where micro, small and medium holdings operate in a disaggregated way. The "Organic Ecosystem" project aims at reducing these obstacles and make holdings operating in the organic agriculture sector more competitive and better integrated, establishing a cross-border agro-food ecosystem that will set the ground for the development of the Mediterranean whole organic sector, an aspect which will be encouraged through new business alliances, creation of innovative value chains and specialised support provided to holdings so to increase the quality and marketing of their products and their capacities to access new markets.

As a result, the project aims to create a Mediterranean biological ecosystem that will lead to better support policies, more efficient tools and services and, consequently, increased competitiveness of micro, small and medium-sized organic holdings that will scale-up and be able to access new markets. New job opportunities will be created and the incomes of organic farmers will be improved. It is also expected that a significant number of holdings will convert to organic farming, thus contributing to soil conservation and environmental sustainability.

It is possible to participate in the Kick-off meeting which will take place on Wednesday 3 June 2020 - from 11.00 to 13.30 (Italian time) by videoconference via Zoom at this address:


Meeting ID: 890 4637 2511

Password: 057686

To increase the visibility of the project and involve the active participation of the stakeholders, and to start creating networks and common basis for a shared path for the organic sector in the Mediterranean, the media, and the main private and public subjects of all Euro-Mediterranean countries, in particular Jordan, Tunisia, Lebanon, Italy, Greece, Spain and Egypt.

During the kick-off meeting it will be possible to follow presentations relating to the activities that will be conducted within the project with the related expected benefits for operators, how the network of 'biological ecosystems' in the Mediterranean will be created and the role it will play in promoting the commercial alliances, as well as the synergies that will arise in favour of the organic sector in the area.

At this LINK you will find all the details of the project.

It is possible to download the agenda and the formal invitation for further information.

Source: CIHEAM Bari