Special issue of "Animals" dedicated to "Animal health, welfare and sustainability of organic production" (IT)


The opportunity to present papers on the theme "Animal health, welfare and sustainability of organic production" is now open on Animals, an international open access magazine entirely dedicated to animals, including zoology and veterinary sciences, published monthly online. Guest editor Dr. Valentina Ferrante, from the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy of the Università degli Studi di Milano.

There is substantial public concern surrounding several aspects of food of animal origin; people do not only want safe products but also food from farm systems that respect animal health and welfare, the environment, and biodiversity.

Much has been achieved by developing and optimizing various production systems that take these renewed needs into account. In particular, organic farming seeks solutions to improve the lives of animals and increase biodiversity and to improve sustainability. However, in reality, organic production faces significant challenges to fulfill the goal of protecting animals and the environment maintaining its characteristics.

This Special Issue takes a particular interest in multidisciplinary approaches. Topics of interest include the testing and validation of new strategies to enhance the welfare of animals, management strategies to reduce diseases mainly derived from the use of free-range areas and pastures and meliorate the sustainability of these production systems.

HERE the details of the special issue and indications for the presentation of the papers

Source: RIRAB