OK-Net Ecofeed project: whey for fattening organic pigs (IT)


OK-Net Ecofeed has published a new sheet, useful for pig farmers, regarding the use of whey for fattening organic pigs. EU regulations indicate that organic agriculture will be obliged to provide feed derived from 100% organic origin by 2021. To assure the sustainability of the feed supply, the regional feeds and raw materials shall be preferred. It is necessary to look for mutually beneficial collaborations with the organic sector stakeholders, such as the food industry.

Whey is an alternative source of high-quality protein for fattening pigs. It can supply one-third of their protein needs. At the same time whey is an important by-product of the cheese producers, as it represents approximately 70 to 80 % of the milk volume. Collaboration of organic cheese companies with the nearby organic farms can be mutually beneficial.

The project sheets with all the advantages and indications for whey use are published in English and Spanish and can be downloaded at this LINK.

Source: OK-Net Ecofeed