'Organic Farm Knowledge': five new poultry-specific tools available (IT)


'Organic Farm Knowledge' partner organisation, Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, FiBL, has contributed five news tools explaining many aspects of successful organic poultry farming.

These five tools from the FiBL Shop, are now available for download from the toolbox. Check them out to learn more about free-range laying hens, ways to control endoparasites and induce moulting, as well as how to raise organic broiler chickens.

Here we attach the five tools are linked and organised according to the tools theme, length, tool type and language.

Laying hens:

Free-range laying hens: animal and environment friendly: 11-page leaflet, available in French.

Free-range laying hens: 19-page leaflet, available in German.

Controlling endoparasites in laying hens: 1-page leaflet, available in French and German.

Inducing moulting in organic hens: 3-page leaflet, available in German.


Fattening chicken in organic farming: 15-page leaflet, available in French and German.

Source: Organic Farm Knowledge