Ita.Bio: a new platform for the international development of Italian organic food sector (IT)


ICE – Italian Trade & Investment Agency, and FederBio, the National Federation of Organic and Biodynamic Agriculture, have renewed their coooperation on promotion of organic agri-food on international markets by activating Ita.Bio, a platform developed to increase the positioning of Italian organic products on international markets and e-commerce channels. A special focus, in the context, is given to US and China.

The partnership aims to offer scenario analysis and skills, to support the definition of development policies based on information on the reference markets, to network with the community by sharing knowledge, and to support the challenges of the global competitive scenario.

The Ita.Bio platform has 3 main functions: Tracking & Market Measurement, Support for Promotion on International Markets and Communication. Through Tracking & Market Measurement, the two institutions will monitor the opportunities for organic development in relation to specific parameters: organic figures, sales trends, consumption patterns, characteristics and needs of organic product consumers in the target markets, export data of the Italian organic food and purchasing methods including the e-commerce channel.

For the collection of data, a survey on several holdings for the evaluation of organic exports was launched by Nomisma. The first results and a preview of the Survey will be presented in October in Bologna, on the occasion of SANA Restart, as part of the ‘Organic Revolution’ event.

The Ita.Bio platform "Support for Promotion on International Markets" function aims to create up-to-date and fast business intelligence tools to support the presence of the ICE Agency and the activity of its network on foreign markets.

In addition, to consolidate the support activities for the promotion of organic products on the main international markets, a "FederBio-ICE Desk” was established at the Agri-Food & Wine Offices in the Rome office of the ICE Agency.

Source: FederBio