France: ‘Atelier Paysan’, how to self-build technical tools for organic farming (IT)


Since 2009 the self-building cooperative Atelier Paysan continues to support farmers in autonomously designing and prototyping machinery and construction tools adapted to the needs of agroecological farming.

With the participation of small farmers, agricultural workers, organizations of agricultural development, and based on the principle that farmers are themselves innovators, the Cooperative has been collaboratively developing methods and practices to recover farming skills and achieve self-sufficiency in relation to the tools and machinery used in organic farming.

Agricultural tools available on the market are often too costly or not adapted to small-scale organic farming. Machines are constantly bigger and more expensive and complicated, thus not accessible for many farmers who must choose between independence and over-investment, resilience and dependency. Producing their tools through self-building techniques, farmers can manage sustainable agroecological systems, obtaining a higher technical and financial independence while reinforcing their local communities as a whole.

The Atelier Paysan Cooperative has managed to create an extraordinary organization of skilled workers to promote farm-based inventions, to collectively develop new technological solutions adapted to small-scale farming and to work on appropriate technologies for agroecology and small-scale agriculture; at the same time, it actively participates in a nationwide cultural campaign for rural development in collaboration with a wide range of partners.

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Source: INNER- INternational Network of Eco-Regions