Organic insect production for sustainable food and feed: results of a webinar (IT)


300 participants joined the IPIFF (International Platform of Insects for Food and Feed) webinar on circularity in insect farming, 19th November 2020. Sabine Jülicher, European Commission DG Santé, indicated that insect production is a relevant component of sustainable food chains. She noted that the use of food waste as feedstock for insect farming will be assessed by EFSA (no timescale yet). Bas Drukker, European Commission DG Agriculture, noted that insects can be used in Organic Farming in some Member States, and that 2021 should see adoption of EU standards for insect production, and consequently for their use as human food and animal feed / aquaculture feed products, as well as standards for insect frass (insect production “manure”). William Clark, Zero Waste Scotland, and Chris Atkinson, IFOAM EU, Organic Farming federation, both underlined the role of insect production in improving local and regional food system circularity.

IPIFF “The European insect sector reaffirms its commitment to supporting the EU sustainability agenda”: information  HERE , while the webinar recording can be seen at this LINK

Source: eNews- European Sustainable Phosphorous Platform