IFOAM Organics Europe: EU co-financing opportunities for the promotion of organic products (IT)


IFOAM Organics Europe has sent an important letter to its members regarding co-financing possibilities for the promotion of EU agri-food products, including organic products.

The European Commission already earmarked an unprecedented share of the EU promotion policy budget for 2021 to organics. It is good news for the organic sector, as promotion policies are an important tool to increase the demand for organic products. But whether this significant budget will be used fully or not will also serve as a political test case to determine if increased policy support towards organic farming and organic products in future years is legitimate or not. The Commission has pledged a total of €182.9 million to promote European agri-food products, for example via campaigns in the internal market or third countries, with a focus on sustainable agriculture. The budget for campaigns about organic farming, EU sustainable agriculture and the role of the agri-food sector in terms of climate action and the environment accounts for about half of the total budget, €86 million. About this, it is possible to read more in the European Commission’s press release, while the Annual Work Programme (AWP) for 2021 in the framework of promotion policies is available on the Commission’s website. Below IFOAM resumes its key points:

How to apply?

Information provision and promotion programmes may consist of :

  • ‘Simple’ programmes: submitted by one or more proposing organisations from the same Member State);
  •  ‘Multi’ programmes (submitted by at least two proposing organisations from at least two Member States or one or more Union organisations).

What is the target market?

Programmes are also divided among those aimed at the internal market and at third countries. 

What is the available budget?  

  • 'Simple' programmes: The total budget allocated for simple programmes is €86,000,000. There is a co-financing rate by the European Commission of 70% for the internal market and 80% for third countries;
  • 'Multi' programmes: The budget allocated for multi programmes is €87,400,000 with an 80% co-financing rate.

Who can apply?

Trade or inter-trade organisations, producer organisations, agri-food bodies.

What are the topics of particular interest for the organic sector?

Simple & multi programme – Internal market:

  • Information provision and promotion programmes aiming at increasing the awareness and recognition of Union quality scheme on organic production method;
  • Programmes increasing the awareness of Union sustainable agriculture and the role of the agri-food sector for climate action and the environment.
  • Simple & multi programme – Third countries: Information provision and promotion programmes concerning the organic products under Union quality scheme.

HERE it is possible to find an example of a current campaign co-financed by the European Commission on fruits and vegetables consumption and healthy eating practices.

When is it possible to apply?

CHAFEA  (Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency) is responsible for evaluating proposals on promotion policies. Below are the indicative deadlines:

  • End of January 2021: Call for proposals public
  • End of March 2021: Deadline for any non-IT related questions
  • Mid-April 2021: Deadline for submitting proposals
  • April-August 2021: Evaluation of proposals by CHAFEA
  • October 2021: Commission decides which proposals it will co-finance
  • January 2022: Indicative start of actions

More information: CHAFEA’s FAQs on promotion policies;

Commission Promotion Policy Presentation summarizing what promotion policies are and how to apply.  

IFOAM will inform about the publication of the calls for proposals, but in the meantime, in case of any questions, it is possible to contact silvia.schmidt@organicseurope.bio .

Source: IFOAM Organics Europe