IFOAM Organics Europe: a new organic action plan to reach 25% organic land in Europe by 2030 (IT)


IFOAM Organics Europe has prepared a new document that lists the European organic movement’s key priorities to boost both organic demand and production through the European Action Plan for organic farming. In the organization view, a coherent combination of push and pull measures is necessary to reach the target of 25% organic land in the EU by 2030, as put forward in the EU’s Farm to Fork and Biodiversity strategies. The priorities are ten:

  • Organise a high-level EU conference to monitor progress at all levels and encourage Member States to develop national and regional organic action plans
  • Build national organic NGO’s capacity for market development
  • Boost demand for organic products
  • Reflect the true cost of food in its price
  • Give organic actors access to research & innovation funds
  • Provide organic farmers with accessible and available knowledge: Farm Advisory Services
  • Equip organic farmers with the right tools: natural substances
  • Equip organic farmers with the right tools: seeds
  • Ensure CAP strategic plans include national targets &adequate support
  • Bring new generations into organic

The complete document with the motivations for every single priority can be downloaded HERE

Source: IFOAM Organics Europe