FIBL: a new reference document on organic production principles and good practice (IT)


The demand for organic products has been increasing worldwide for years. As a result, the interest of farmers in Europe to convert to organic farming is also increasing. The new dossier offers interested parties an introduction to the basic principles and good practices of organic farming. The publication provides an overview of the benefits of organic farming, the development of cultivated areas and markets, and the most important legal requirements in the European context. At the heart of the document are explanations of the key areas of action in organic agriculture, such as the promotion of soil fertility, the planning of sustainable crop rotations, the organic crop protection strategy, and species-appropriate livestock management. Important information on conversion, inspection and certification round off the dossier.

The 48-page publication is a valuable first source of information for all those interested in organic agriculture, especially for farmers interested in conversion. However, the dossier also serves as a guide for the private sector, government officials, non-governmental organisations and other interested parties in their efforts to make agriculture in Europe more sustainable.

The dossier was developed with financial support from the Liechtenstein Development Service LED. The publication can be downloaded free of charge from FiBL’s online shop in German, English, Romanian and Russian.

The document can be downloaded HERE

Source: FIBL

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