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New COP meeting in Brussels: the agenda

We publish the agenda of the next COP-Committee on Organic Production that will take place next  27 and 28 Novembre.

COP 27-28 November – Agenda

Source: UE


135th COP of 29 November 2016: the Short Report and the Mipaaf note

We publish the Short Report and the MIpaaf Note no. 95002 related to 135th COP (Committee on Organic Production) meeting held in Brussels on 29 November 2016.

The documents include information about the approval of the new Regulation amending Annexes III and IV of Reg. (EC) No 1235/08 (Reg. No 2259 of 15 December 2016). The two annexes were modified with detailed updates relating to equivalent third countries control systems and to control bodies authorized to certify in equivalence.


131st COP: the meeting Short Report

The 131st COP (Committee on Organic Production) meeting took place last 2 March in Brussels (we have already published the agenda ).

Now available the meeting Short Report.

Short Report 131st COP

Source: EU Commission


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