Mipaaft: now published the data on the Italian organic sector for 2018

The data on the Italian organic sector in 2018 have now been published on the Mipaaft website. Elaborated by SINAB, the data indicate that, since 2010, the hectares of the Italian organic surface have increased by over 75%, while the number of operators in the sector has grown by over 65%. To date, the area dedicated to organic farming in 2018 is equivalent to the extension of an area as wide as the Apulia region. 

FIBL presentations at BioFach 2019

The traditional BioFach presentations of the studies carried out by FIBL, the Swiss Research Institute in Organic Agriculture,  will take place. On 13 February, between 11.00am and 4.45pm (for details, click HERE)  This year they are three:


Ukraine: organic farming grows

In Ukraine, the total area of organic land expanded by 10.2% in 2017 (in comparison with 2016), reaching 420,000 ha (1% of total farmland). According to information posted on the website of the Ministry for Agricultural Policy and Food, in the past five years the total area of organic farmland in Ukraine expanded 1.5-fold.


FIBL presents “The World of Organic Agriculture” at BIOFACH 2018

FIBL will present the latest data on organic agriculture worldwide, regulations and organic markets as usual in the occasion of BioFach: it will be the 19th edition of “The World of Organic Agriculture”, the yearbook on global organic agriculture. Presenter will be Markus Arbenz, Executive Director, IFOAM - Organics International, Germany. Speakers,  Dr.


Spain: 2016 data on organic farming confirm the sector growth

The Spanish Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment has published the first data on organic production in Spain for 2016. These data confirm the sustained growth trend and consolidation of the sector which makes Spain the first producer at European level and among the top five major producing countries worldwide.


New 2016 publication on organic in Europe – IFOAM EU

Demand for organic food in Europe saw another record year of growth in 2014 But organic production is not moving at the same speed, and more effort at policy level is needed, according to the new IFOAM EU publication “Organic in Europe: Prospects and Developments 2016”,  launched  at the 10th European Organic Congress.

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