EU consultation: algae production and use, also in organic farming

Open to 18th January 2021. This Roadmap consultation will prepare possible targeted activities to support the algae sector, maybe including regulatory measures. The document submitted to consultation recognises fertilisers and bio-stimulants amongst different uses of algae and the need of nutrient inputs to algae production. Regulatory gaps cited include limitations to use of algae-based animal feeds and fertilisers, and status of algae in the Organic Farming Regulation.


Comparisons between organic and conventional agriculture need to be better

The assessment of the environmental impacts of agriculture and food has been studied extensively and is hotly debated. However, the most widely used method of analysis often tends to overlook major factors, such as biodiversity, soil quality, pesticide impacts and societal shifts. A researcher of INRAE and two Swedish and Danish colleagues write in the journal Nature Sustainability that these oversights can lead to wrong conclusions when comparing conventional and organic agricultures.

Abbonamento a fertlizers