The growing Italian organic sector, by Olivier Tosseri

The French online business magazine "Les Echos" publishes an article on the Italian organic sector which is reported here.


France: 2018, a record year for organic sector

With 5,000 more organic holdings at the end of 2018, their number in France has reached 41,600 , approximately 9.5% of the total French farms. French organic production has substantially  doubled in 5 years: the strongest progression ever recorded. Better still, in 2018 the organic surface reached  2 million hectares, which corresponds to 7.5% of the French UAA (6.5% in 2017). A remarkable growth, mainly due to the increase of cereal, viticultural and fruit and vegetable production.


"Agence Bio": educational kits on organic farming

"Agence Bio", the French public agency dedicated to the promotion of organic agriculture, among its many initiatives has published some interesting educational kits dedicated to schools and teachers / animators in order to spread knowledge of organic farming among young people. Other kits are dedicated to the sector’s professionals, consumers and the press.

The different kits can be viewed and downloaded HERE

Source: Agence Bio


France: almost 9 out of 10 French consumed at least one organic product in 2018

Almost 9 out of 10 French French say they have consumed - in the course of 2018 - at least once organic products; 7 out of 10 have done it at least once a month and 12% have bought them every day.


French breeders move to organic?

A  recent study published in the journal Organic Agriculture shows that some French dairy farmers are transitioning to organic production to improve their livelihoods. The dairy industry has faced squeezes on the global market, offering many conventional farmers prices that are too low for them to recover their production costs.


Agence BIO: all the figures (2017) of the French organic farming

Agence BIO released the annual dossier with the latest data (December 31st , 2017) on organic farming in France, showing the very positive trend of the sector.


Agence Bio: the 2017 activity report

Agence Bio, the French agency for the development and promotion of organic agriculture, has published a detailed report on the many initiatives undertaken in 2017, which highlight the strong dynamism of the sector in the country beyond the Alps.


France: a new government program on organic farming “Ambition Bio 2022”

The French Minister of Agriculture and Food Stéphane Travert confirmed the government's goal of bringing the percentage of the national UAA in organic (or converting to organic) to 15% in France by 2022 through a new program, "Ambition Bio 2022", announcing at the same time that this "ambition" will mobilize 1.1 billion euro in loans over the period 2018-2022, compared to 0.7 billion in the previous period (2013-2017), with an increase of 62%.


France: know everything about organic with "La Bio en Poche"

Agence BIO, the institutional agency of the French organic, launched a mobile application "La Bio en Poche - Organic in the pocket" allowing to find, wherever on the French territory, organic stores, restaurants and events all year round, simply through geolocation on your smartphone. The app is available for free on the App Store and Google Play, and is directly linked to the Agence BIO yearbook that brings together suppliers of organic products in France.


France: organic fruit and vegetable sector on show at MedFel

The demand for organic fruit and vegetable is growing in France (and not only) and MedFel, the trade fair taking place every year in Perpignan (French Pyrenees) launches, on the occasion of its tenth year of life, MedFel Bio. At the entrance of the show (which takes place from 24 to 26 April) a real and wide "organic market" will be set up, and specialized buyers will be present.



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