France: Agence Bio, new data and a survey on consumption and perception of organic products

As usual, Agence BIO and its partners take an active part in the "Salon International de l’Agriculture - International Exhibition of Agriculture" (Porte de Versailles, Paris, until 4 March), highlighting the growing importance of the organic sector,  its strong growth and dynamism.


France: the "Millésime Bio" organic wine fair in January

The 25th edition of "Millésime Bio" will be held from 29 to 31 January 2018 at the Expo Park in Montpellier.

Created and organized since 1993 by the winemakers of the Sudvinbio interprofessional association, the 2018 edition will bring together around  900 exhibitors from all over the world and will welcome over 4800 visitors.

The wines presented are all certified organic.


France: next 28 March the international seminar on Organic agriculture by Agence Bio

Since 2006, Agence Bio organizes an international seminar on organic agriculture every year in Paris. The purpose of the seminar is above all to take stock of the main developments concerning the sector under way in the European Union and around the world, both in terms of public policies for the development of organic agriculture and in terms of consumption and production; and to try to highlight development factors in each country, possible obstacles to overcome and long-term prospects.


Organic vs conventional: the winner is organic

Organic agriculture should not be ashamed of its economic performances. On the contrary: the study "Economic actors and the environment", published by the INSEE, the French Institut national de la statistique et des études économiques indicates, in three sectors of activity - wine, horticulture and milk production - that organic farmers have better results than their conventional counterparts in terms of income.


Agence Bio: now available French organic 2016 figures

Agence Bio published the 2017 edition of the carnet "La bio dans les territoires", including all the data about the French organic sector as of 2016.


France: organic farming continues its growth

According to Agence Bio's data, organic agriculture in France, at the end of 2016,  overcome  1.5 million hectares, 16% more than at the end of 2015, that is more than 5.7% of total UAA. The average of the holdings in conversion remained high in the first months of 2017. Compared to the end of 2015, producers rose to 32,326 (+ 12%), while downstream operators (transformers, distributors and importers) reached 14,859, 10% more.

Source: Agence Bio


French organic farming: a very dynamic 2015

Agence Bio presented in Paris the 2015 report of the French organic sector. The French market registered record figures, with for example the birth of more than 200 organic farms a month. Cultivated surfaces, production volumes, in-conversion farms, consumption. In 2015, the French market for organic food products reached 5.76 billion euro, an increase of 14.7% compared to 2014:  in Europe, it was the market with the highest growth trend. And the threshold of 5% of organic UAA was trespassed.


Organic in France: the first edition of the 2016 report

The French Observatory of Organic Agriculture has published the first 2016 edition 2016 of "La Bio en France - Organic in France". The report includes the main figures of organic production and market for the year 2014, together with the first trends for 2015.  The breakdown of the production and market figures in 2015 will be available by the end of May, and will be published before summer (regional sheets " Organic in the territories "and the second edition of " Organic in France ").



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