Welfare of dairy cattle in summer and winter – a comparison of organic and conventional herds in a farm network in Germany

Dairy cow welfare in 19 organic and 15 conventional farms in distinct soil climate regions of Germany was examined using the Welfare Quality® assessment protocol for dairy cattle (WQ®). In comparison to other studies, this one is outstanding in that (a) the WQ® protocol was carried out twice per farm (in the winter period 2014/2015 and in the following summer period) and that (b) some parameters were measured directly on pasture, if pasture access was provided on the farm during the summer period.

‘Diversity tastes good’ - a German project to preserve ancient vegetable varieties

70 percent of the vegetables created through traditional cultivation have already disappeared. The "Vielfalt schmeckt - Diversity tastes good" initiative wants to stop this loss by growing rare and traditional varieties and selling them.


Germany: new research projects on organic chickens launched

With over three million euros, the Federal Organic Farming Program and other forms of sustainable agriculture (BÖLN) has funded two new research projects on organic poultry.

The general objective of the "Öko2Huhn" and "RegioHuhn" projects is to rear breeds for the production of eggs and meat that are more suitable to the peculiarities of organic breeding and feeding, because so far, most organic poultry farms have worked with conventional agriculture oriented farming due to the lack of “organic” alternatives.


Germany 2018: organic surface grows

According to estimates, the share of German organic land in 2018 increased by 109,863 hectares (plus 8% on 2017 ) to around 1.5 mn hectares.


Germany: organic UAA +15% in 2016

In 2016, organically managed land in Germany grew by around 162,000 hectares to 1.25 million hectares, a rise of almost 15% compared with 2015. This growth is divided equally between pasture and arable land. The federal states of Saxony and Bavaria saw the greatest expansion.


Germany: 20% more organic agriculture

Meeting 180 delegates of 7,000 Bioland growers, German Minister of Agriculture Christian Schmidt informed about the Government’s aim about the goal to reach, within his term of office,  20% of the German UAA organically cultivated. 


Germany: organic farming continues to grow in 2016

BOLW - Ökologische Lebensmittelwirtschaft Bund eV, has published data on the organic farming sector in Germany for the year 2016. The German organic surface increased in 2016 to 90,000 hectares, reaching 1,185,471 hectares, + 8.9 % compared to 2015. The number of organic farms in the same period grew by 8.6%, with 2,119 new operators, for a total of 26.855 operators. Always in 2016, the German organic market as well saw sales increase by 9.9%, with a total turnover of 9.48 billion euro (in 2015 the volume was 8.62 billion).

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