Mipaaft: now published the data on the Italian organic sector for 2018

The data on the Italian organic sector in 2018 have now been published on the Mipaaft website. Elaborated by SINAB, the data indicate that, since 2010, the hectares of the Italian organic surface have increased by over 75%, while the number of operators in the sector has grown by over 65%. To date, the area dedicated to organic farming in 2018 is equivalent to the extension of an area as wide as the Apulia region. 

Italy: the "Top Ten" of organic companies according to their turnover

The first "Pambianco Strategie di Impresa" study  on the turnover of the ten leading Italian companies in the organic sector was recently published. Organic consumption in 2018 has grown double-digit (+ 14% in the first seven months of the year in large-scale retailing alone, according to the latest surveys by Osservatorio Sana), but the benefit deriving from this boom, for companies specialized in processing of products from organic farming,  is limited.

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