COP and Expert Group: agendas of the forthcoming meetings

We publish the agenda of both the Expert Group and COP (Committe On Organic Production) meetings that will take place in Brussels respectively on 2 and 3-4 March.

Expert Group Agenda

COP Agenda

Source: EU


October COP and Expert Group: the Mipaaf Note

We publish the Mipaaf Note No 77165 of 6 November 2019 on the COP (Committee on Organic Production)  and Expert Group (Organic Farming Expert Group) held in Brussels last 14 and 15 Otober.

The Note includes information about the arguments discussed during the meetings. 

Note No 77165 of 6 November 2019 (in Italian)

Source: Mipaaf




The Mipaaf note about the last COP meeting (24-25 January)

We publish the note drafted by the Mipaaf Organic Farming Unit  on the last COP (Committee on Organic Production) meeting held in Brussels last 24-25 January , whose report can be found HERE.

Note no 14058 of 28 February 2018

Annex 1

Source: Mipaaf


Stevia rebaudiana and pet food: the Mipaaf notes

We publish (in Italian) the following notes:

- No. 58591 of 26 July 2016 - clarification about the correct use of the term 'organic' for the Stevia rebaudiana which essentially reiterates a previous note on the same subject published in May 2012;

Abbonamento a labelling