A brochure on "The consumption of organic fish farmed in Italy"


The BioBreed-H2O project "A new breath for organic aquaculture: the support of the research to the growth of the sector" (all the information on the project at the following LINK) has developed a dissemination brochure showing the results of a survey undertaken in collaboration with supermarket chain Esselunga on the consumption of fish farmed in Italy, with a focus on organic aquaculture products.



IFOAM EU meets business - Bringing the organic food industry together

"IFOAM EU event is organised (Bussels, 30 October) to give  IFOAM EU, its Interest Group of Organic Processors and Traders (IGOP) and food companies the opportunity to discuss relevant topics in the organic sector, to share information and exchange on best practices, to understand each other’s perspectives and most importantly to debate and shape the direction to take in the next working period. 


Denmark: National Organic Plan Nominated for ‘Global Award’

Denmark’s political action plan for organic food and farming has been nominated for the UN Future Policy Award. Organic Denmark, the organic NGO that played a central role in developing the plan, is seeing a massive interest in Danish experiences with developing both organic policy and the organic market. Denmark leads the world with an organic market share in retail of 13 percent with many cities purchasing 60-90 percent organic.


Spain: the 2017 figures of the organic sector

Structural data

The Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAGRAMA) has released detailed data on organic production in Spain for the year 2017. The data confirm the trend of steady  growth and the consolidation of organic production, observed in the recent  years . The area dedicated to organic production increased by 3.1% compared to 2016, exceeding the 2.082.000 hectares. Half of this surface is dedicated to permanent pasture, one quarter to arable crops and the rest  to permanent crops.


OTA: Organic sales in the U.S. total a new record of $49.4 billion

OTA, the Organic Trade Association released its annual Organic Industry Survey 2017, which reveals that the American organic market is growing six times as fast as the market as a whole. 


Organic crops in Europe: +1 million hectares

In Europe, the organic UAA grew in 2016 by one million hectares compared to the previous year: Italy is the top country with the widest organic surface increase, with more than 300 thousand hectares. These are the figures released by FIBL - the International research institute on organic farming - at Biofach, the most important international organic fair.


Spain: MAPAMA publishes the "Strategy for organic production 2018-2020"

The Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and the Environment has developed, in response to the needs of the organic sector, a "Strategy for organic production 2018-2020" with the aim to strengthen this strategic Spanish agro-food production sector and its adaptation to the market  trends, in conjunction with the new recently approved European regulatory framework.


Europe: organic agriculture continues to increase

According to the data presented by FIBL and AMI-the Agricultural Market Information Company at BioFach in Nuremberg, in Europe 13.5 million hectares of farmland were cultivated in 2016 with the organic farming method (European Union: 12.1 million hectares). With more than 2 million hectares, Spain continues to be the country with the largest organic area, followed by Italy (1.8 million hectares) and France (1.5 million hectares).


France: Agence Bio, new data and a survey on consumption and perception of organic products

As usual, Agence BIO and its partners take an active part in the "Salon International de l’Agriculture - International Exhibition of Agriculture" (Porte de Versailles, Paris, until 4 March), highlighting the growing importance of the organic sector,  its strong growth and dynamism.


US organic agriculture and sales continue growing in 2016

The sales and production of organic agricultural continued to increase in 2016, when U.S. farms produced and sold $7.6 billion in certified organic commodities, according to data released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS). 



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