Recommendations for using soy-based feedstuffs for poultry production (OK-Net Ecofeed Practice Abstract)

Soya is one of the most important sources of protein in poultry feeding. However, the high crude protein content alone is not sufficient to meet the special needs of poultry on essential amino acids. They need to be supplemented with other components to get optimal amounts and ratios. In poultry, the feeding of raw soya beans is not possible due to digestive inhibiting components (trypsin inhibitors), and must be prepared by thermal treatment. Soya beans have a very high oil content. Full-fat beans can therefore be used in the ration with a maximum of 10 - 12 %.

Global organic production: Italy among top leaders

We are the largest organic citrus fruit producers in the world (27% of the entire Italian citrus fruit area is organic), the first European country for olive trees (over 20% of the national area with olive groves is organic), for fruit (almost 25,000 hectares, over 11% of the total area) and for vegetables (55,000 hectares, almost 11% of the national area planted to grow vegetables).


Italy: the "Top Ten" of organic companies according to their turnover

The first "Pambianco Strategie di Impresa" study  on the turnover of the ten leading Italian companies in the organic sector was recently published. Organic consumption in 2018 has grown double-digit (+ 14% in the first seven months of the year in large-scale retailing alone, according to the latest surveys by Osservatorio Sana), but the benefit deriving from this boom, for companies specialized in processing of products from organic farming,  is limited.


IFOAM EU meets business - Bringing the organic food industry together

"IFOAM EU event is organised (Bussels, 30 October) to give  IFOAM EU, its Interest Group of Organic Processors and Traders (IGOP) and food companies the opportunity to discuss relevant topics in the organic sector, to share information and exchange on best practices, to understand each other’s perspectives and most importantly to debate and shape the direction to take in the next working period. 


IFOAM EU 5th Organic Processing Conference

IFOAM EU and Bionext  have launched the 5th Organic Processing Conference: “Improving Organics: Making it happen – Digital opportunities for organic processors” organized in co-operation between IFOAM EU and Bionext. The conference will take place on 16-17 January in Zwolle, The Netherlands.


Organic in Emilia-Romagna is boosting: the Regional administration data

A promising start of the year for organic agriculture in Emilia-Romagna, thanks also to the RDP 2014-2020. Since the beginning of 2016, the total number of organic holdings (production and processing) increased by 14.6% (+ 23% compared to 2014). 1,900 agricultural undertakings applied to the RDP call, for a total area of 50,000 hectares, of which over 13,000 related to animal husbandry. Following such a huge request, the Region decided to take them all into consideration, allocating additional resources for 17 million euro.


IFOAM EU: 4th organic processing conference

IFOAM EU organizes in Seville, Spain , on 24-25 November, an event dedicated to organic food processing innovation and developments.

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