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Bio Suisse: standard changes for 2020

Next year, Bio Suisse standards will include several new features. In particular, two important changes will concern the limitation of conventional animals and straw purchases.

Purchase of livestock

The purchase of non-organic ruminants was reviewed and the relevant directive revised. The adaptation aims to promote organic reproduction, both in breeding and in the introduction of organic animals in organic farms.


FIBL: new report finds continued growth for sustainability standards

 The fourth edition of 'The State of Sustainable Markets' report, published by FiBL, the International Trade Centre (ITC) and the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), offers new data on standard-compliant land and agriculture and forestry products. Consumers, buyers and manufacturers of agricultural and forestry products keep turning to standard-compliant goods to tackle social and environmental concerns.


IFOAM: the new Standard Committee appointed

The IFOAM Standard Committee is the technical expert group that works on the development of the IFOAM Standard. Following a call for nominations published in March, a new IFOAM Standard Committee has been appointed.


Demeter Italia: soon a new document to facilitate the adaptation to standards

The Demeter Italia Association has recently organized a working group to carry out a project to improve the activity of Italian biodynamic farmers. The aim of the working group is to provide farmers with useful information so that they can apply Demeter standards in a coherent and homogeneous manner, making use of derogations only when deemed necessary. As pointed out by Alois Lageder, president of the association, the Demeter standard is the same for all biodynamic farmers around the world, and therefore repr

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