Reg. (EU) 2018/848

Summary Record - Meeting of COP- 3-4 March 2020

We publish the Summary Record of the Committe on Organic Production held in Brussels on 3-4 March 2020.

Summary Record COP 3-4 marzo 2020

Source: UE


COP and Expert Group: agendas of the forthcoming meetings

We publish the agenda of both the Expert Group and COP (Committe On Organic Production) meetings that will take place in Brussels respectively on 2 and 3-4 March.

Expert Group Agenda

COP Agenda

Source: EU


COP: the last meeting Summary Record

We publish the Summary Record of the last COP (Committee on Organic Production) meeting, held in Brussels on 20-21 January 2020.  

The following LINK includes the topics covered during the meeting.

Summary Record 20-21 January 2020

Source: UE


October COP and Expert Group: the Mipaaf Note

We publish the Mipaaf Note No 77165 of 6 November 2019 on the COP (Committee on Organic Production)  and Expert Group (Organic Farming Expert Group) held in Brussels last 14 and 15 Otober.

The Note includes information about the arguments discussed during the meetings. 

Note No 77165 of 6 November 2019 (in Italian)

Source: Mipaaf




New COP meeting in Brussels: the agenda

We publish the agenda of the next COP-Committee on Organic Production that will take place next  27 and 28 Novembre.

COP 27-28 November – Agenda

Source: UE


COP and Expert Group: agenda of the forthcoming meetings

The next COP (Committe On Organic Production) and Expert Group meetings will take place in Brussels next 14 and 15 October. 

The following are the meeting agendas:

Agenda COP 14 -15 Oct 2019

Expert Group Agenda 14 Oct 2019

Source: European Commission


The Mipaaft note on the last COP meeting (5-6 March)

We publish the note No 18256 of 13 March 2019 on the results of both the last Committee on Organic Production (COP) and EGTOP meeting held in Brussels last 5-6 March 2019. 

Note No 18256 of 13 March 2019 (in Italian)

Source: Mipaaft


COP held in Brussels on 28-29 November: the Mipaaft note

We publish the Mipaaft note (in Italian) No 92764 of 12/28/2018 drafted by the Organic Farming Unit about the last  COP (Committee on Organic Production) held in Brussels last 28-29 November. All the annexes are in English.

Note No 92764 of 12/28/2018


COP del 28 e 29 novembre 2018: la nota del Mipaaft

Pubblichiamo la nota n.  92764 del 28/12/2018 redatta dall’Ufficio Agricoltura Biologica del Mipaaft, relativa all’ultimo incontro del COP (Committee on Organic Production) che si è svolto a Bruxelles il 28 e 29 novembre scorsi .

Nota n. 92764 del 28/12/2018

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