Reg. (EU) No 848/2018

COP and Expert Group: the Mipaaft note

We publish the note No 11898 of 20 February 2019 about the “Organic Farming Expert Group” held in Brussels last 30 January and about the "Commitee on Organic Production (COP)” meetingheld on 30/31 January and  1 February 2019.

Note No 11898 of 20 February 2019 (in Italian)

Source: Mipaaft



COP: now available the next meeting agenda

We publish the list of the topics that will be discussed in the next COP (Committe on Organic Production) meeting, that will be held in Brussels next 5-6 March 2019. 


Source: UE


EU: the last COP meeting report

The last COP (Committee on Organic Productions) meeting was held in Brussels on 30-31 January and 1 February. We publish the report.


SUMMARY RECORD COP 31-31 gennaio e 1° febbraio 2019


Source: EU Commission

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