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Bio Bank 2020 report: the 14th edition

The Bio Bank 2020 Report, now at its 14th edition, focuses on six new types of activity, with a set of data even richer. The scenery of organic in Italy and new elaborations on the market are now added. The most authoritative sources of organic data are then complemented by key references to sustainability. All in 74 pages freely available at this LINK.


"Supermarkets & Specialised Shops 2017": a new Bio Bank publication

Bio Bank, the historic database on organic agriculture publishing every year " Tutto Bio - L’annuario del biologico  (The 'organic' yearbook)", has released a new report, part of its digital reporting series - a focus on "Supermarkets & Specialised Shops 2017". It is a tool (52 pages rich in data, information, charts and statistics) to understand genesis, evolution and dynamics between supermarkets and specialised shops.

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