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Switzerland, a steady growth for organic farming also in 2017

BioSuisse, the reference association of all organic producers in Switzerland, published the 2017 annual report, with the data on organic farming in the Confederation. In 2017, Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein registered 6,423 holdings working according to the Bio Suisse directives - 279 companies "Gems" more than the previous year. The area under organic management increased by about 11,000 hectares, approaching 150,000 ha, or 14.4% of the total UAA.


Agence BIO: all the figures (2017) of the French organic farming

Agence BIO released the annual dossier with the latest data (December 31st , 2017) on organic farming in France, showing the very positive trend of the sector.


DEFRA: 2017 data on organic farming in UK

DEFRA (the Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs) has published the annual information on organic crops and organic livestock  produced in the United Kingdom and on the number of certified organic producers or processors. Although the organically cultivated agricultural area increased again, growth is still slow compared to other European neighbors.

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Europe: organic agriculture continues to increase

According to the data presented by FIBL and AMI-the Agricultural Market Information Company at BioFach in Nuremberg, in Europe 13.5 million hectares of farmland were cultivated in 2016 with the organic farming method (European Union: 12.1 million hectares). With more than 2 million hectares, Spain continues to be the country with the largest organic area, followed by Italy (1.8 million hectares) and France (1.5 million hectares).


France: Agence Bio, new data and a survey on consumption and perception of organic products

As usual, Agence BIO and its partners take an active part in the "Salon International de l’Agriculture - International Exhibition of Agriculture" (Porte de Versailles, Paris, until 4 March), highlighting the growing importance of the organic sector,  its strong growth and dynamism.


The World of Organic Agriculture 2018

FIBL has now published the 2018 edition of "The World of Organic Agriculture", that was launched on February 14, 2018 at BIOFACH in Nürnberg, Germany. 

HERE you can find key data, press releases, infographics, data tables, slides presentations.

HERE you can download the pdf version

Source: FIBL


Agriculture, forestry and fishery statistics - 2017 edition

The publication prepared by Eurostat on agriculture, forestry and EU fishery statistics for 2017 is now available. The publication is divided into seven chapters, which provide facts and figures on farms, prices and agricultural products, forestry and fish production. Ample space is dedicated to organic farming.

Agriculture, forestry and fishery statistics - 2017 edition




BIO IN CIFRE-Italian Organic 2017 Figures: update at 23 October

We publish an update at 23 October 2017 of the figures, elaborated by SINAB, about the Italian organic sector in 2016. 


BIO IN CIFRE 2017 – Update at 23 October 2017 (in Italian)


Source: SINAB


Organic farming in the world - 2017 edition

By elaborating FIBL and EU data, Agence Bio, the French Observatory for Organic Farming, has published the 2017 edition of the publication "La Bio dans le monde- Organic agriculture in the world".



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