Long-term effectiveness of sustainable land management practices to control runoff, soil erosion, and nutrient loss and the role of rainfall intensity in Mediterranean rainfed agroecosystems

The study is published in the journal Insects. Mediterranean environments are especially susceptible to soil erosion and to inappropriate soil management, leading to accelerated soil loss. Sustainable Land Management (SLM) practices (such as reduced tillage, no-tillage, cover crops, etc.,) have the potential to reduce soil, organic carbon (OC), and nutrient losses by erosion. However, the effectivity of these practices is site-dependent and varies under different rainfall conditions.

"Improving sustainability and welfare in organic poultry and pig production": final conference of the OK-Net EcoFeed project in January 2021

Save the date: on 25-26 January OK-Net EcoFeed announces the final conference of the project which brings together 4 research projects: OK-Net EcoFeed, PPILOW, Freebirds and POWER. The theme will be "Improving sustainability and welfare in organic poultry and pig production".


Hedgerows and flower strips increase natural pest control and pollination, but with some distinctions…

Hedgerows and flower strips are often planted among crops to boost beneficial insect populations, but there are few comprehensive studies that compare different types of floral plantings for their impacts on the services beneficial insects can provide like natural pest control and pollination.


Common ground: restoring land health for sustainable agriculture

The IUCN publication indicates that recent major international reports have highlighted the alarming impact of food production systems on climate change, land and biodiversity. This report shows that common ground between the agriculture and conservation sectors for mutually beneficial action exists, and that there is great potential for widespread adoption of sustainable agricultural practices that can meet our needs for food, feed, fibre, and energy.

Special issue of "Animals" dedicated to "Animal health, welfare and sustainability of organic production"

The opportunity to present papers on the theme "Animal health, welfare and sustainability of organic production" is now open on Animals, an international open access magazine entirely dedicated to animals, including zoology and veterinary sciences, published monthly online. Guest editor Dr. Valentina Ferrante, from the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy of the Università degli Studi di Milano.


EIP-AGRI Focus Group - Pests and diseases of the olive tree: Final report

Over 750 million olive trees are cultivated worldwide, 95% of which are in the Mediterranean region. Several insects, pathogens and nematodes affect olive trees, threatening olive production. Both the number of pests and diseases and their frequency has increased dramatically in recent years, causing serious damage to overall EU olive production.

Un numero speciale di Sustainability su "Il Sistema di allevamento sostenibile e biologico"

La rivista ad accesso aperto "Sustainibility" ospiterà nel 2021 un numero speciale dedicato al " Sistema di allevamento sostenibile e biologico ". Guest editor saranno il Prof. Dr. Enrico Sturaro, Dipartimento di Agronomia Alimenti Risorse naturali Animali e Ambiente (DAFNAE) - Università di Padova, Italia, e il Prof. Dr. Stefano Bovolenta, Dipartimento di Scienze Agrarie, Alimentari, Ambientali e Animali, Università di Udine, Italia.


Full Cost Accounting to Transform Agriculture and Food Systems - A guideline for the organic movement

This document explains how the organic sector can contribute to and make use of Full Cost Accounting3 (FCA), using it as a lens and methodology for shaping agriculture and food systems toward sustainability. The document outlines how we can use FCA to monitor and improve the performance of organic systems, substantiate our messages on the benefits of organic agriculture to consumers and advocate for policies that promote truly sustainable agriculture and food systems.

Fa' la cosa giusta! 2019

16th edition in 2019 for the national fair of critical consumption and sustainable lifestyles “Fa’ la cosa giusta! -Do the right thing!”. It will be held from 8 to 10 March at Fieramilanocity in Milan, where visitors will be allowed to enter free. The 2018 edition saw 91,000 visitors, with an increase of 30% compared to the previous year.

More information about the fair at

Fieramilanocity - Milano


Eco & Eco Green Piedmont Excellencies - Tour 2018

Eco & Eco Green Piedmont Excellencies - Tour 2018: a new project whose aim is to create a sustainable type of tourism, and to communicate the cultural identity of the Piedmont region through the promotion of agricultural, industrial, commercial and craft activities, with an emphasis on quality and sustainability; a project also to get to know and to visit some of the excellences  in all the mentioned sector.  



Abbonamento a sustainability