Agence BIO: now published the new 2020 edition of "Carnet Monde"

Agence BIO, the French Agency for the Development and Promotion of Organic Farming, has updated its publication on organic farming in the world, "Carnet Monde 2020".


A new publication by Agence Bio: "Organic agriculture in the world"

Agence Bio, the French agency for the development and promotion of organic agriculture, has updated its interesting publication on organic agriculture in the world. At the beginning of 2019, 93 countries had regulations for organic agriculture.

The global organic market in 2017 reached almost 92.8 billion euros, then exceeding 100 billion in 2018.


Organic farming in the world - 2017 edition

By elaborating FIBL and EU data, Agence Bio, the French Observatory for Organic Farming, has published the 2017 edition of the publication "La Bio dans le monde- Organic agriculture in the world".


Friends of the Earth: Organic Farming can feed the world

new report released by Friends of the Earth presents a strong argument in favor of organic and agroecological farming as tool to feed the world sustainably. The report details how organic and agroecological farming can meet the Earth’s growing food needs, protect farmer livelihoods, and preserve the environment.

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