<div style="text-align: justify;">Saturday 19 Feb. was the
closing day of BioFach, the World Organic Trade Fair, and Vivaness, the Trade Fair for Natural
Personal Care and Wellness. This year&nbsp; welcomed over
44,000 visitors (2010: 43,669) to the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg from 16–19 February 2011. The
visiting professionals from 131 countries (2010: 119) were delighted with the four-day display of
innovative organic food, eco-textiles and natural cosmetics. Inspiring congress events provided a
lively exchange of views. Besides Germany with some 25,000 trade buyers, the following countries
were represented particularly strongly: Austria, Italy, France, the Netherlands and Switzerland. The
international share rose to 42%. The 2,544 exhibitors at the exhibition duo travelled from 86
countries.<br></div><br>The Fair news release can be downloaded here: <a href="../share/img_lib_files/1300_biofach---brief-closing-report.mht">BioFach - Brief closing report