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19 Jan 2021

In the context of the project ‘RELACS - Improving inputs for organic farming’, in their commercial vineyard in Frick, Switzerland, FiBL carried out 16 treatments of new plant protection products against mildew in organic viticulture. Three of the tested products used copper, the remaining 13 were replaced by pilot products, one of them based on larch extract.

To evaluate their effectiveness, FiBL interviewed managing vintner Andreas Tuchschmid who shared his practical experience with the new products.  According to him, the products are effective, easy to apply, smell better and cause less irritation. On top of that, it prevented leaf burn, occasionally occurring when applying copper.

Watch the video at this LINK and learn more about the results and follow other developments of the RELACS project on Twitter and Facebook.

RELACS seeks to promote the development and adoption of environmentally safe and economically viable tools and technologies to reduce the use of external inputs in organic farming systems.

Source: RELACS