Data inizio
22 May 2023
Data fine
23 May 2023

This year’s Organic Food Conference (OFC) events are taking place on 22-23 May in Sansepolcro, Italy. The Organic Food Conference events is the go-to place, particularly for organic food processors, retailers, traders, importers and control bodies. The OFC2023 events are organised by IFOAM Organics Europe in collaboration with Aboca & BEING Organic in the EU project.

On the first day of the events, OFC will kick off the programme with a welcome ceremony, an intriguing panel discussion and a visit to the Aboca museum among others. Consult the timing of DAY 1 –  programme.

Organic Food Conference by BEING Organic in EU will host the second day of the events which will include besides others, technical and panel discussions and a networking lunch for participants’ exchanges. Consult the programme of DAY 2 – OFC by BEING Organic in EU.

The entrance to this year’s OFC is free of charge – check out our registration conditions to join other organic experts in 2023 edition. 

Source: IFOAM Organics Europe


Sansepolcro (Arezzo)