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18 Sep 2023

The event takes place on Monday 18th September, 14h – 17h, online. It is co-organised by IFOAM Europe and ESPP, and the participants are representatives of Organic Farming organisations from across Europe.

Recycled struvite and precipitated phosphates have been added into the list of authorised inputs as fertilisers in certified EU Organic Farming. Certain other recycled nutrients are already authorised with conditions.

This meeting will discuss which further recycled nutrient products might be appropriate for certified Organic Farming, based on practical examples, and under what conditions they might be considered. Questions considered:

  • solubility and plant availability of nutrients,
  • origin of raw materials,
  • chemicals used in recovery process and LCA,
  • contaminants and safety.

Examples will be: calcined phosphates, biochars, phosphate fertilisers from ashes, recovered ammonium sulphate, recovered nutrients from aquaculture and other marine wastes.

Full meeting agenda HERE. Registration: Eventbrite

Source: ESPP