“Liveseeding”: partito il nuovo progetto

Obiettivo principale del progetto LIVESEEDING è favorire la crescita del settore biologico e la transizione verso sistemi alimentari locali più sostenibili, fornendo sementi biologiche di alta qualità di diverse cultivar adattate all'agricoltura biologica per un'ampia gamma di colture.

Per raggiungere l'obiettivo del "100 % di sementi biologiche entro il 2036", finalità del progetto, LIVESEEDING si propone di:

Apple scab (Venturia inaequalis): robust cultivars for Central Europe (Biofruitnet Practice Abstract)

Apple scab (V. inaequalis) is the main disease in organic apple production. Availability of varieties is a major problem as only a few robust varieties are available on the market.

The researchers propose a list of currently well-known robust varieties that are suitable for large scale production. Current breeding of new cultivars is crucial for the future of organic growing, stay tuned.

Agronomic and genetic assessment of organic wheat performance in England: a field-scale cultivar evaluation with a network of farms

Yield gaps between organic and conventional agriculture raise concerns about future agricultural systems which should reduce external inputs and face an unpredictable climate. In the UK, the performance gap is especially severe for wheat that, as a result, has a small and shrinking organic acreage. In organic wheat production, most determinants of crop performance are managed at a rotation level, which leaves cultivar choice as the major decision on a seasonal basis.

Guidelines for organic on-farm cultivar trials

Organic and low-input farming are a cornerstone of fair, healthy and environmentally-friendly food systems, as recognised by the European Commission in the EU Farm to Fork Strategy1. Organic systems tend to involve smaller farms than conventional operations, to be more diversified and multifunctional and to be managed with more sustainable practices, responding to the needs and preferences of consumers on local markets. Often, a greater variety of crops is grown over smaller areas.

“Organic Farming Research Foundation”: il biologico per le priorità della ricerca sul clima

Mentre i legislatori continuano a considerare una legislazione globale sul clima, negli Stati Uniti la “Organic Farming Research Foundation” (OFRF) sta lavorando a stretto contatto con il Congresso e le organizzazioni partner per garantire che le voci degli agricoltori biologici siano ascoltate a livello politico.