Riboflavin for laying hens fed organic winter diets: effects of different supplementation rates on health, performance and egg quality

For reasons of aspired naturalness and cost reduction, vitamin additions should be kept low in organic livestock systems. To define safe lower threshold levels of riboflavin supplementation in organic poultry feeding, 135 hybrid layers were allocated to three dietary treatments supplemented with either 4.5 (R4.5), 3.0 (R3.0) or 1.5 mg (R1.5) GMO-free riboflavin added per kg feed. This resulted in total measured concentration averages of 5.0, 4.5, and 3.1 mg kg−1 feed for R4.5, R3.0 and R1.5, respectively.

The Potential of Locally-Sourced European Protein Sources for Organic Monogastric Production: A Review of Forage Crop Extracts, Seaweed, Starfish, Mussel, and Insects

Published in “Sustainability”. Organic monogastric agriculture is challenged because of a limited availability of regional and organic protein-rich ingredients to fulfill the amino acid requirements. The development of novel feed ingredients is therefore essential.

Clover-grass protein by bio-refining: nutrient composition and shelf life (OK-Net EcoFeed practice abstract)

Alternative protein sources can increase the use of locally produced protein, supporting the transition to 100% organic feeding. Clover-grass concentrate has a high protein content with a good amino acid profile for poultry. It is necessary to dry the green protein paste to maintain a good quality, but the drying process is expensive.

Feeding strategies for organic broiler chickens

Organic broilers grow slower than conventional birds and so producers face the challenge of feeding quality feed components at lower concentrations. Feed needs to fulfil the amino acid and energy requirements of broilers for efficient growth and development, but growth is slower. Choice of feeding, access to range and forages can increase the utilisation of protein and energy, which will increase feed efficiency. The requirements for birds to use the range area is part of the solution.