Essential oil trials on-farm: an alternative treatment for mastitis

Project RELACS – Improving inputs for organic farming. While antibiotics remain necessary treatments against mastitis, their widespread use leads to antibiotic resistance, which constitutes a threat to public health.

Many essential oils have antibacterial or anti-inflammatory properties. With the help of an advisor, dairy farmers can test alternative mastitis treatments with essential oils following a common protocol established by RELACS.

A basket of options to control worms in organic sheep production systems

Project RELACS – Improving inputs for organic farming. Organic sheep producers are aware that worm control issues continue to pose a threat to their business. To a large extent, they still have to rely on dewormers to maintain the health and productivity of their animals.

Research on alternative strategies for worm control can now be put into practice. These strategies have been developed independently of each other, but we now bring them together in a “basket of options” approach.

"Formazione online sullo strumento di pianificazione delle razioni alimentari per pollame e suini bio" - Supporto online, 18 marzo

Formulare razioni alimentari per suini e pollame biologici è una sfida. C’è ora un nuovo strumento di pianificazione della razione creato dal progetto OK-Net Ecofeed che aiuta a soddisfare le esigenze nutrizionali dei vostri animali!