Benessere e impatto ambientale della produzione di suini biologici: una raccolta di schede informative

Esistono problemi comuni di benessere animale legati alla mortalità dei suinetti e ai problemi di salute durante lo svezzamento. Inoltre, i pascoli all'aperto in cemento nei sistemi di allevamento dei suini da carne mettono in discussione gli obiettivi biologici e sono associati a un elevato rischio di emissioni di ammoniaca, mentre i sistemi di pascolo facilitano la vita naturale, ma sono ostacolati da un elevato rischio di lisciviazione dei nutrienti.

Using a partner crop in maize for weed suppression (DiverIMPACTS Practice Abstract)

It is very common to use chemical herbicides to control weeds in maize. Considering the negative environmental impact of this practice and the societal pressure to reduce herbicide use, finding alternative solutions is desirable.

The diversification of the maize crop is a possible solution: sowing the maize in a (winter) partner crop, mowing the partner crop, and using the mulch for soil cover and weed suppression.

Suitable European plum cultivars for organic orchards establishment (Biofruitnet Practice Abstract)

Organic plum production is affected by a variety of factors: unmarketable cultivar characteristics (flavour, soluble solids content, stone adherence), reduced storage, small size and low resistance to fungal diseases and Plum Pox Virus (PPV).

The work proposes a list of robust cultivars suitable for plum organic orchards establishment.

Multi-species summer cover crop in protected vegetable systems (DiverIMPACTS Practice Abstract)

In protected vegetable systems of the Mediterranean area, having bare soil for several weeks in late summer, post cash crop harvest, may induce soil degradation. Providing a soil cover in any period is key to preserve the soil's biological activity and maintain good agronomic conditions (e.g. soil structure) for the following crops.

Apple scab (Venturia inaequalis): robust cultivars for Central Europe (Biofruitnet Practice Abstract)

Apple scab (V. inaequalis) is the main disease in organic apple production. Availability of varieties is a major problem as only a few robust varieties are available on the market.

The researchers propose a list of currently well-known robust varieties that are suitable for large scale production. Current breeding of new cultivars is crucial for the future of organic growing, stay tuned.

OTU4EU: un nuovo progetto per potenziare l’agricoltura e l’acquacultura biologica

Nella strategia Farm to Fork e nella strategia per la biodiversità, l'Unione europea ha fissato l'obiettivo di raggiungere almeno il 25% della superficie agricola dell'UE con l'agricoltura biologica e di aumentare significativamente l'acquacoltura biologica entro il 2030. OrganicTargets4EU (OT4EU), un progetto di Horizon Europe, sostiene il raggiungimento di questi obiettivi.

Organic Farm Knowledge: Winter field peas as green manure before maize

On arable farms without livestock, nitrogen insufficiency can occur when cultivating nutrient demanding crops like maize. This can lead to yield losses and weed infestation. Use a green manure of winter field peas before growing crops that have a high nitrogen demand in the rotation.  Ploughing in winter field peas in spring can provide more than 100 kg of nitrogen to the following crop and increase yield. The improved development of the crop also leads to improved weed control.