Drosophila suzukii control: Preventive measures in organic stone fruit orchards

A BioFruitNet practice abstract. The spotted wing drosophila Drosophila suzukii is an invasive pest attacking soft fruit species (berries, cherries, plums, grapes), as well as many wild berry plants. D. suzukii female adultslay eggs into the fruits from which larvae develop. The control strategy of D. suzukii includes preventive measures1 such as orchard management, field hygiene, and choice of cultivar. The combination of preventive measures and intervention measures can reduce D.

Knowledge Networks in Organic Fruit Production across Europe: A Survey Study

Limited data regarding the resources and methods used by organic fruit growers to learn about production practices are available, even though this information is crucial to improving the efficacy of knowledge transfer. Therefore, a survey to gain information from knowledge networks dealing with organic fruit production about their structural organisation, tasks and methods of communication was carried out in twenty-one countries from Europe and the Mediterranean basin.