The main objective of this methodological toolkit is to aid farmers and technicians to better understand the principles and/or mechanisms that underlie the resiliency (or lack thereof) of farming systems and how agroecological management can enhance the capacity of farmers to adapt to unpredictable and severe climatic variability. The tool allows users to better clarify their perceptions of climate change, use indicators to assess the vulnerability of their farms and improve their ecological resiliency via agroecological interventions that enhance the adaptive response capacity of farmers. The toolkit can be used for: a) Conducting a rapid agroecological assessment of farms and their level of vulnerability; b) Initiating a process of agroecological conversion to enhance the response capacity of farmers and thus improve the resiliency of their farming systems; c) Monitoring the trajectory of the farms under agroecological conversion after climatic events such as hurricanes, rain storms and/or drought.

Miguel A. Altieri Clara I. Nicholls-Estrada Alejandro Henao-Salazar Ana C. Galvis-Martínez Paul Rogé