Within the new “European Green Deal”, the European Commission defined crucial challenges for the agriculture of future decades, such as making food production more sustainable by considering the local pedo-climatic and socio-economic specificities. To meet the European Green Deal objectives, contributing to the Farm to Fork, Biodiversity 2030 and Zero Pollution strategies, win-win solutions at the farm and territory levels are required, allowing a reduction in air, water and soil pollution and loss of biodiversity and natural resources, as well as waste production/disposal.

This Special Issue (SI) collects current research findings dealing with different agricultural practices, particularly addressing agroecology and organic farming, and their sustainability assessment. In particular, the SI contains seventeen selected papers, which concern a wide range of topics. The papers referred to two main subjects, though some of them report both: (i) adopting agroecological approaches and organic agriculture practices and (ii) assessing their impact, including trade-offs with regard to the three pillars of sustainability.

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Mariangela Diacono, Alessandra Trinchera, Francesco Montemurro