The publication provides an overview of the research carried out by the SARe Master students in their home countries as part of their second-year activities. They conducted field research on problems related to specific agroecosystems and of concern to small-scale farmers, pastoralists, local institutions and organisations. The focus was on food products, value chains, natural resource management, innovation systems and agricultural services. The students faced the challenge of analysing complex phenomena to understand the causes and effects, the role of stakeholders and their networks, the behaviour of farmers and their vulnerability or resilience in their territories.

The aim of the document is to disseminate the valuable experience of our students, who have worked with passion and determination to address the challenges of agricultural development in their territories. It is intended to inspire young people who see themselves actively engaged in promoting the spread of green and inclusive agriculture in the decades to come.

Ente che ha curato la pubblicazione
Lamberto Lamberti, Philipp Debs