The book, 'Sustainable Food Systems. Change of Route in the Mediterranean', explores food system sustainability through a transdisciplinary approach, highlighting the intricate challenges which face food systems - from production to consumption - emphasising the vital role of the Mediterranean diet across different sectors, and recognising ecosystem-dependent relationships and interdependencies.

Inspired by the discussions held at the Third World Conference on the Revitalisation of the Mediterranean Diet, organised by CIHEAM Bari, Italy in 2022, the book is an ideal continuation of a cultural journey towards a change in the vision of Mediterranean food systems, moving from agri-food production to sustainable consumption and placing the Mediterranean diet and the consumer at the heart of this new course.

Building on these assumptions, CIHEAM has committed to developing its own vision and a relevant action plan on food system sustainability by implementing joint cooperative projects.

This book comprises 21 distinctive contributions, presenting original perspectives from authors who served as panelists and moderators at the Third World Conference on the Revitalization of the Mediterranean Diet, organized and hosted at CIHEAM Bari in September 2022. The book’s content is the result of significant individual and collective efforts, aimed at both consolidating existing knowledge and expending the debate on the sustainability of Mediterranean food systems and the Mediterranean diet- a strategic key of our Institute studies, research activities and international cooperation in recent years. As a white paper, this book is a daring challenge that CIHEAM Bari has taken up, transcending the traditional boundary of agricultural production to encompass consumption, with the aim of providing valuable insights and actionable proposals to decision-makers and various actors involved, facilitating a real change of direction towards greater economic, environmental, and social sustainability, in the region and in Med countries. In an ear marked by escalating global challenges and competition in food market, Mediterranean countries must harness their collective talent and knowledge to forge a more sustainable and resilient food systems’ future.

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Sandro dernini, Roberto Capone