Demand-oriented riboflavin supply of organic broiler using a feed material from fermentation of Ashbya gossypii

Alternatives to riboflavin (vitamin B2) production by recombinant microorganisms are needed in organic poultry production, but are cost-intensive, so that a demand-oriented riboflavin supply is necessary. Details on the riboflavin requirements of organic poultry are not available. A feed material with high native riboflavin content from fermentation of the filamentous fungus Ashbya gossypii was studied. Two runs with 800 Ranger Gold™ broilers each (40 pens with 20 animals) were conducted.

More antibiotic-resistant E. coli found in conventional and antibiotic-free chicken meat than organic

The use of antibiotics is prohibited in organic farming, while the liberal use of antibiotics in conventional livestock production causes great concern for the development of antibiotic resistance. Indeed, a recent study published in the journal Animals  concurs with the growing body of science that shows livestock produced with antibiotics results in more antibiotic-resistant bacteria that causes food-borne illness in humans. In efforts to combat antibiotic resistance to many currently used antibiotics, a new class of antibiotics, β-lactam, has been developed.


Germany: new research projects on organic chickens launched

With over three million euros, the Federal Organic Farming Program and other forms of sustainable agriculture (BÖLN) has funded two new research projects on organic poultry.

The general objective of the "Öko2Huhn" and "RegioHuhn" projects is to rear breeds for the production of eggs and meat that are more suitable to the peculiarities of organic breeding and feeding, because so far, most organic poultry farms have worked with conventional agriculture oriented farming due to the lack of “organic” alternatives.


COP: the next meeting agenda

The next COP (Committee on Organic Production) meeting will take place in Brussels on 17 and 18 April.

Here the Agenda COP 17 and 18 April 2018

Source: Ue

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