Bio Bank 2020 report: the 14th edition

The Bio Bank 2020 Report, now at its 14th edition, focuses on six new types of activity, with a set of data even richer. The scenery of organic in Italy and new elaborations on the market are now added. The most authoritative sources of organic data are then complemented by key references to sustainability. All in 74 pages freely available at this LINK.


Focus Bio Bank 2020: organic sales in Italy grow up, 47% in supermarket chains

The fourth edition of “Focus Bio Bank - Supermarkets & Specialized 2020” is online (in Italian).  It presents up-to-date data on the increasingly close confrontation between large-scale distribution and organic stores. 92 pages full of data, infographics and images, to be consulted freely at this LINK.

The Focus Bio Bank presents:



Understanding the consumer: French and the organic, a dossier by Agence Bio

In 2019, more than 9 out of 10 French people said they had consumed organic products and almost three quarters of them consumed them regularly (at least once a month). 14% consume it every day. In short, will organic in 2020 be the engine of the new social trend "consume less, consume better"? The conspicuous dossier presented by "Etude Spirit Insight for Agence Bio" tries to answer this question through several steps:


A new publication by Agence Bio: "Organic agriculture in the world"

Agence Bio, the French agency for the development and promotion of organic agriculture, has updated its interesting publication on organic agriculture in the world. At the beginning of 2019, 93 countries had regulations for organic agriculture.

The global organic market in 2017 reached almost 92.8 billion euros, then exceeding 100 billion in 2018.


Bio Bank Report 2019: now available the 13th edition

Punctual as every year, the publication edited by Rosa Maria Bertino, Achille Mingozzi and Emanuele Mingozzi presents 68 pages full of data, information and infographics. In summary, the Bio Bank Report 2019 reports:


SANA 2019: the documents presented during the SANA Observatory

The first day of the Sana organic Fair in Bologna saw the presentation meeting of the “Sana Observatory on organic farming”, promoted by BolognaFiere and curated by Nomisma with the patronage of Federbio and Assobio. As every year, the main issues of the sector were presented, together with analyses of the structural and market data, and an in-depth analysis of the export dimensions of Italian organic products and two specific focuses on the Japanese and Russian markets. All the annexed documents are in Italian.


“Bio in cifre 2019 - Facts and figures 2019”: anticipations on Italian organic farming structural data

We publish the document anticipating the structural data of the Italian organic sector for 2018. The report also contains information on market data and imports of organic products from third countries in Italy.

BIO IN CIFRE 2019 - Anticipations (in Italian)


Source: SINAB


Mipaaft: now published the data on the Italian organic sector for 2018

The data on the Italian organic sector in 2018 have now been published on the Mipaaft website. Elaborated by SINAB, the data indicate that, since 2010, the hectares of the Italian organic surface have increased by over 75%, while the number of operators in the sector has grown by over 65%. To date, the area dedicated to organic farming in 2018 is equivalent to the extension of an area as wide as the Apulia region. 

“Bio in cifre 2018 - Facts and figures 2018”: the English version

We publish the  English version of the annual SINAB report including the data on the Italian organic farming sector "Bio in Cifre 2018". The document contains chapters on structural data, market data and also on imports from third countries.



Source: SINAB


FIBL presentations at BioFach 2019

The traditional BioFach presentations of the studies carried out by FIBL, the Swiss Research Institute in Organic Agriculture,  will take place. On 13 February, between 11.00am and 4.45pm (for details, click HERE)  This year they are three:



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