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Agence Bio: a new dossier in English on organic agriculture in the EU

New edition by Agence Bio of the dossier "Carnet sur l'agriculture bio dans l'Union européenne- Edition 2019".

The document consists of several chapters:


New study busts myths around organic integrated crop-livestock rotations

A groundbreaking study out of Iowa State University tackled the myth that animal and crop production must be kept separate to prevent food pathogens, with findings that showed organic integrated crop-livestock operations were as safe as (or even safer) than conventional practices where crops and livestock were not integrated.


Mitigating crop yield losses through weed diversity

Reconciling crop productivity and biodiversity maintenance is one of the main challenges of agriculture worldwide. Moreover, the importance of weed diversity in mitigating yield losses has been identified as one of the top five research priorities in weed science. We tested the hypotheses that (1) not all weed communities generate yield losses and (2) that more diversified weed communities can mitigate yield losses.

Finding alternatives for the use of paraffinic oils in organic citrus production

In the context of the RELACS project, at Ciheam-Bari a new field trial contributes to finding alternatives for the use of paraffinic oils in organic citrus production. Next year alternatives to the use of oils will be tested.


BioSuisse: an interesting collection of slides on organic farming

Useful for teaching and vulgarization, dedicated to professionals working for organic farming in Switzerland but certainly useful also for the same category who has to prepare presentations on the topic in other European countries, they are the latest “creation” of  BioSuisse and FIBL: 500 slides divided into 10 chapters including the “who’s who” of organic farming in Switzerland.

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