“Friend of the Sea”: a certification for sustainable sea salt production

Friend of the Sea, a project by the World Sustainability Organization, has developed certification standards for sustainable sea salt production. Companies that fulfill the criteria can use the "Friend of the Sea" eco-label for their sea salt products.

"Salt is so common that we often forget that a large part of it comes from the sea," said Paolo Bray, Director of Friend of the Sea. Protection of the marine environment must also include the sustainable sea salt production.


October COP and Expert Group: the Mipaaf Note

We publish the Mipaaf Note No 77165 of 6 November 2019 on the COP (Committee on Organic Production)  and Expert Group (Organic Farming Expert Group) held in Brussels last 14 and 15 Otober.

The Note includes information about the arguments discussed during the meetings. 

Note No 77165 of 6 November 2019 (in Italian)

Source: Mipaaf




COP held in Brussels on 28-29 November: the Mipaaft note

We publish the Mipaaft note (in Italian) No 92764 of 12/28/2018 drafted by the Organic Farming Unit about the last  COP (Committee on Organic Production) held in Brussels last 28-29 November. All the annexes are in English.

Note No 92764 of 12/28/2018

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